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When to Wear Your Clear Aligners

It is pretty simple, If you do not wear your aligners, your teeth will not move!

Aligners must be worn for most of the day AND night, around 22 hours/day, so that your teeth can move into proper alignment.

To work properly, aligners must also fit snug against your teeth. You may use a cotton roll to “bite” into until the aligners are fully seated around your teeth.

When you are not wearing your aligners, place them in their case so that they are not lost or broken. There will be a charge to replace lost or broken aligners.

Caring For Your Clear Aligners

Keep your aligners clean and odor free by brushing them at least once per day with liquid soap and/or toothpaste.

Aligners are made of plastic so do not use bleach, boiling water, microwave or dishwasher to sanitize them.

In addition, do not leave them on hot surfaces, including your car, especially during the Summer months.

Healthy Teeth with Clear Aligners

Your teeth will be covered by the aligners for long periods of time. This makes the buffering properties of saliva to not work on your teeth. So after meals, snacks and drinks, brush your teeth before replacing your aligners.

You may only drink water with your aligners in place. Do NOT drink any hot liquids that can distort the aligners or sugary/carbonated drinks such as sodas, juices, sports drinks, milk, etc that can enter the aligners and contribute to white spot lesions, swollen gums and tooth decay.

Important Note

Poor oral hygiene, poor cooperation with wearing the aligners, and missing appointments can increase your treatment length and costs.

The most your wear your aligners,
the fastest your treatment will be and
you will have greater satisfaction with your treatment results.

For more information on Invisalign, you can visit the Invisalign website.