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For most people, achieving a healthy, beautiful smile is the reason for receiving orthodontic care.

Dr. Wiltse offer options for your treatment and how to deliver it:

Besides moving teeth, we have several other appliances to influence growth and esthetics, to better position the upper jaw and improve lower jaw growth such as:

  • Expanders
  • Invisalign with mandibular advancement
  • Herbst or Mara
  • Forsus
  • Carriere motion 3D
  • Facemask
  • Headgear

How Treatment Works

Orthodontists, like Dr. Wiltse, diagnose, prevent, intercept and treat dental and facial problems. Safe and proper tooth movement is important but so is the guidance of dental, jaw and facial development for best esthetics and function!

We treat existing problems, but Dr. Wiltse can also identify problems that are developing, and take timely action to resolve these problems before they fully develop such as:

  • crowding and spacing
  • open bites and deep bites
  • tongue and sucking habits
  • cross bites
  • malaligned jaws
  • protruding teeth
  • airway issues, sleep apnea
  • TMD treatment

When your treatment is complete, you will have that Spectacular Smile you’ve always dreamed of and the confidence to show it off! Your orthodontic treatment will also give you the benefits of long-term dental and overall health.

We at TrueSmile orthodontics & esthetics want you and your family to feel comfortable throughout your entire orthodontic experience. Our practice is dedicated to making sure you receive the quality care you deserve.

Spectacular Smiles at Any Age

Today, any age is a great age to build your TrueSmile!

Dr. Wiltse encourages parents to intervene early to achieve best results for kids. Early intervention can positively guide facial and jaw development before a problem starts or worsen. Habit treatment such as thumb sucking and tongue thrust can improve self-esteem, facial growth, tooth eruption and prevent airway problems.

Some people think orthodontic care is only available for children and teens but healthy teeth can be moved at any age! Many adults are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment, and very excited about today's advancements and the options Dr. Wiltse gives them to reveal the TrueSmile they have always wanted. 

Our office works with your dentist and other specialists so that communication is clear and open. This interdisciplinary care is also important fo the success of the most complex cases, including surgical treatment, botox, and fillers for a full smile rejuvenation.

If you’re an adult who’s always dreamed of a beautiful smile, TrueSmile orthodontics can help! 

Duration of Treatment

A big factor in a successful treatment is YOU! The more involved and diligent you are, the more efficient your treatment will be.

Treatment time varies and can last between a few months and three years, depending on several factors such as age, cooperation, dental vs. skeletal correction and how minor or severe a case is.

Before beginning your orthodontic care, Dr. Wiltse will discuss all of your options and provide an estimate for how long your treatment may take.

Please contact our practice to schedule an appointment and learn more about orthodontics and the treatments we provide.